Selling things on Ebay

Guide to Selling on Ebay In this section I will talk about how to use Ebay to earn some extra money by selling anything they can think of from items that are found sitting around their house to stuff they actually go out and hunt down to make a small profit. Some topics in this section may include:
  • What is Ebay and who uses it
  • How to signup for an account
  • Using Paypal as the payment method (link to PayPal guides)
  • Store options and fee's
  • User rating system and how it can save you money (make you more money) as time goes on
  • Shipping costs and fees explained (link to how to pack and ship items)
  • Making your listing look a little more professional if you want
  • Using online tools or services to make Ebay easier to use for people doing a lot of selling
  • Explain why some items can sell for more due to the sellers own traffic source
  • Creating a blog or website to get your own traffic source (linked to other guides)
  • Promotions that Ebay sends out each month
  • For advanced users we can talk about adding an affiliate code to their pages.

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