How To Test Vintage Stereo Equipment

How to test Vintage Stereos Before we go on here I would liek to show you a link to a Cnet article where the sound of today's new black plastic type stereos were put up against a vintage stereo in a blind hearing test. To see which type won visit: Have Some New Vintage Stereo Components and Want to Test Them? This article contains links and additional information that has been gathered while learning how to test various stereo systems and speakers. For a good Community to join and receive help from others who are into vintage stereos you should visit What are Ohms or Impedance? How to measure Speaker Impedance (Ohms): Speaker Impedance Calculator to help you chose the right speakers for your stereo amplifier: Video shows you how to adjust an amps bias: Tube charts, tube substitutes, manuals, GE lamps etc. Photos of  Vintage test Equipment Antique tube radio, record players, car radios, amplifiers, transistor radios schematics and manuals: Photos of tools for repairing antique or vintage stereo equipment: Another page showing many types of tools and gadgets that are used when repairing this stuff: