How To Guides and Tutorials

When we are selling items online via Ebay either for yourself or for others it seems we are always having to do some research first. Some of the most common types of research include: What's it Worth Price checking is when you look up sold items to see what a similar item has sold for in the past. This way you at least have an idea of what to list your item at and what to expect but keep in mind many Ebay sellers have their own stores linked off thier own websites where they list their items and that can increase the number of bids and prices they will get for those items since they have their own set of visitors who already trust them and are usually into the same type of thing that the seller is offering. Small Repairs to Help you Get Top Dollar Another type of research we are going to cover is repairs. there are many times that an item is not 100% functional, for example say you have a vintage stereo that works great but the front indicator lights are burned out. You can of course sell it as is but maybe you see the ones that are working selling for much more so you want to take the time and fix those burned out lights so you can maximize your profits or selling price. this is the type of how-to guides we will be discussing here.