Buying things on Ebay

Guide to Buying on Ebay In this section I will talk about how to use Ebay to get some great deals on items that you normally would pay much more for at your local store. Also show users how to have better chances of winning auctions for items they really want.

Some topics in this section may include:

  • What is Ebay and who uses it
  • What kind of fees are involved
  • Do you have to sign up to buy things
  • What are the ratings about and what to look for
  • How to win an item at the last minute
  • Setting up alerts to be notified when an item you are interested in come up for auction
  • Good ways to search and display the results for items you are interested in
  • Finding deals that you can actually make money by reselling or buying in bulk
  • How to Pay for items and use the checkout feature or Buy it Now
  • How to track your item once it's been paid for

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