StraitNet – We Can Help You Sell Online or in Person

ebay Help Selling on Ebay Ebay is still the most visited online selling platform around so if you are looking to unload some of the stuff you have laying around this site is important to learn how to best maximize your listings in order to get top dollar for your items and make sure the buyers are completely happy as well.
amazon-logo Buying or Selling with Amazon has become the largest online shopping network for both new and used items and if you are looking for anything from printer ink to camping gear and anything in between you need to check the prices on Amazon before buying anything.
Craigslist Buying or Selling Locally using There are many local classifieds in virtually every area but none will compete with the highly visited and community driven site called Wether you are buying or selling, if you want to do it in person this is a must for you to check out.

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